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Hello Reader, 

Being a hero having extraordinary or superhuman powers, or an exceptionally skillful or successful person can help you succeed in all walks of like.  Let us help you find your next Superhero to add to your staff!

Contact our award-winning team of recruiters to learn how we can use our super powers to help with all of your employment needs. 


Nina Salgado

Which Superhero Are You?!

Do you possess extraordinary talents or superhuman powers when you are at work? The Merriam-Webster dictionary gives the definition as "a fictional hero having extraordinary or superhuman powers; also:  an exceptionally skillful or successful person".   With the new Marvel Movie:  Captain America: Civil War out this past weekend we would like to ask:  Which Superhero best describes you?

7 Tips for Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

There’s a reason why billions of people turn to LinkedIn for their career growth efforts. Every day, hundreds of professionals add their profiles in the hopes of getting noticed for career achievements and recruiters looking for outstanding new hires. But, the competition is fierce. How can you ensure that your LinkedIn profile will stand out enough in the right way to get picked up by the world’s leading companies?

Ongoing Employee Reviews Eliminate Surprises

When many managers think about conducting annual employee performance reviews, they are most often viewed as awkward and annoying at best. Employees dread them as well because they can point out negative things that prevent them from earning a promotion. However, the annual review should be evolving into more frequent reviews between a manager and employee. Why is this?

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