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Arlington Resources provides insights on if and when the talent shortage will end!

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Welcome to the Arlington Resources Newsletter! In this edition, we will be discussing when and if the talent shortage will end, if employees really trust their managers, and how to help employees who may be experiencing burn-out.


Nina Salgado

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When Will the Talent Shortage End? Maybe Never, and Here’s Why!

Even though there are plenty of predictors for employment and unemployment, most hiring managers rely on the unemployment rate to determine if their company will struggle to acquire talent. Since the pandemic began, the traditional indicators that usually moved together aren’t. 

If you would like to read Domash’s and Summer’s complete working paper, visit this link. Let us help you develop effective talent acquisition tactics.

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Do Employees Trust Their Managers?

Creating a high-trust culture is especially important now, during The Great Resignation. One way to accomplish this is by promoting transparency and authenticity. This encourages employees to perform their best and remain with the organization long-term. Implement these tips to increase trust between employees and managers.

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Helping Employees Who Are Burnt-Out

Burnt-out employees are unhappy, non-productive, and unfulfilled in their work. This means they typically do not perform their best and are likely to find new jobs. Fortunately, you can recognize symptoms of employee burnout, address the causes, and help prevent the issue from recurring. This improves employee engagement, productivity, and retention. Discover some methods to help your employees overcome burnout. 

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