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Welcome to the Arlington Resources Newsletter! In this edition, we will be discussing the shrinking workforce, how to get the most productivity out of your meetings, and what HR can do about diversity.


Nina Salgado

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Is the Workforce Shrinking Before Our Eyes?

If you are in HR, a hiring manager, or running a business, you are not alone in your struggles to find workers. Wage inflation, the persistence of the Covid-19 pandemic, and workplace fatigue are all contributing to the challenge of hiring and retaining employees. In the past, when talent acquisition created anxiety among recruiters, we knew it was just a rough patch we’d all get through. Emsi’s research suggests that we’ve entered a “sansdemic” (without people), and the “hire more people” directive we’ve heard before isn’t going to help. Emsi reports the workforce is “vanishing” and will continue to disappear for decades to come. 

If you would like to read Emsi’s article on the “sansdemic”, visit this link. You will also find another article related to the demographic draught on this same page. Let us help you develop effective retention strategies.

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How to Get the Most Productivity Out of Your Meetings

A report by Harvard Business Review showed that more than 70% of the senior managers surveyed said most meetings are inefficient and unproductive. Among the top reasons were they keep managers from finishing their work, take away time for deep thinking, and result in lost opportunities to unite the team. Reducing the amount of time spent in meetings can increase employee satisfaction and productivity. Follow these guidelines to increase productivity during meetings.

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What Can HR Do About Diversity?

Employee diversity in race, religion, national origin, age, gender, ability, and other characteristics helps your company attract and retain the best talent. This increases innovation, productivity, and your bottom line. As an HR professional, you have a direct impact on the diversity of your workforce. Implement these tips to increase diversity throughout your company.

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