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At Arlington Resources, we wanted to share the things that make our spirits bright!

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Dear Reader ,

Welcome to the Arlington Resources Newsletter! In this edition, we will be discussing our favorite things about the holiday season and what makes our spitits bright, quiet quitting and how it can impact your business, and ways to properly manage a hybrid team.


Nina Salgado

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What Keeps Our Spirits Bright?

There’s something about the season that brings out the best in us. Maybe it’s baking those special dishes that you don’t cook during the rest of the year. Maybe you take a vacation somewhere special. Building snowmen? Walking in the snow? Maybe you like how much happier and friendlier people seem. Let’s hear it for fruitcake? Looking at the decorated houses in your neighborhood? Pictures with Santa? Maybe you have a family tradition you look forward to or a favorite gift you’ve received. Do these strike a chord with you?

At Arlington Resources, we wanted to share the things that make our spirits bright!

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What Is a Quiet Quitter, and How Can They Impact Your Business?

A quiet quitter does the bare minimum to get by. Although this concept is not new, the term is gaining traction. Many employees stop putting in substantial effort to meet their job requirements because of burnout. They are prioritizing their personal lives over their jobs.The mindset of quiet quitting is significantly impacting companies throughout the United States. As a result, managers must be more attentive to their employees’ needs. Better serving employees can increase motivation, engagement, and productivity. Learn more about quiet quitters, how they can affect your company, and what you can do to help.

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Ways to Properly Manage a Hybrid Team

Managing a team is challenging. Managing a hybrid team is even more difficult. Your employees have diverse needs that must be met. They also have changing circumstances that impact their productivity. As a result, managing your team while treating everyone fairly is hard. You must ensure that employees working onsite or remotely stay engaged and productive. You also have to monitor stress levels to avoid employee burnout. Follow these guidelines to properly manage your hybrid team.

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