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Arlington Resources provides insights on how Gen Z applicants drive today's interview and job offer process!

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Welcome to the Arlington Resources Newsletter! In this edition, we will be discussing how Gen Z applicants drive today's interview and job offer process, 3 tips for starting Q2 strong, and HR industry tips that will help your company spring ahead.


Nina Salgado

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How Gen Z Applicants Drive Today’s Interview and Job Offer Process

With confidence, a resilience born out of the pandemic, and a strong sense of what they want to do, both professionally and personally, Gen Z applicants appear to have the upper hand in the job search process. Projected to make up 27% of the workforce by 2025, Gen Z prioritizes their job applications with companies that create a healthy and thriving work environment. This blog will dive deep into what’s most important to Gen Z and how they are holding their employers accountable to deliver on those needs.

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3 Tips for Starting Q2 Strong

Starting Q2 strong helps keep your company competitive. You can capitalize on the momentum gained in the previous 90 days as a foundation for success. What worked in the last quarter might not work in Q2. As a result, you must revisit the planned approaches to company goals and determine whether they need to be updated. Making time for planning each quarter helps your organization stay relevant. You can take advantage of opportunities for change to better prepare for Q2 and beyond. Implement these three tips for starting Q2 strong.

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Spring Ahead with These HR Industry Tips

Now is an excellent time to spring ahead with a few HR industry tips. Taking an employee-centric approach to HR duties and responsibilities will promote success for your organization throughout the year. Focusing on the employee experience, employee-manager relationships, and adding contingent workers to your teams are among the most effective HR industry tips to help you spring ahead. Find out more about how implementing these initiatives can elevate your bottom line.

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