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Welcome to the Arlington Resources Newsletter! In this edition, we will be discussing strategies to speed up your hiring process, salary trends to be mindful of as 2023 concludes, and how your company culture can help your organization grow.


Nina Salgado

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Is Your Hiring Process Too Long? Six Strategies to Speed it Up.

Is your hiring process getting in the way of hiring the best candidates? Sometimes, we get into a hiring rut, and those bad habits may be preventing you from making a great hire. How can you shorten your hiring process? “One of the first lessons I learned as a young recruiter was, ‘Time kills all deals,’” according to Mary Newgard, a senior search consultant. “Rarely do candidates or hiring managers mean to slow down the process, but it happens.” Newgard offers these six ways to “push the pace in the hiring process.”

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Salary Trends to Be Mindful of as 2023 Concludes

As 2023 concludes, you should continue to be mindful of salary trends in the HR industry. You can use Arlington Resources' July 2023 salary data as a guide. Our data can help you prepare for business growth as the job market continues to evolve throughout this year and beyond. Using our salary survey list with updated facts, figures, and job descriptions for HR positions in the Chicago metropolitan area can help you understand what today’s candidates expect. Being mindful as recruiting and salary trends continue to change helps employers make the best offer to job applicants.

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How Your Company Culture Can Help Your Organization Grow

Your company culture plays a significant role in helping your organization grow. According to PwC’s Global Culture Survey 2021, 72% of the 3,200 leader and employee respondents agreed that culture supports the success of change initiatives. Creating a strong culture that attracts and retains employees provides support for business growth. The following are areas that can be positively impacted for a stronger bottom line.

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